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    3. Main Product

      The company mainly produces more than 1,500 varieties of metric and inch tapered roller bearings, double row tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, ball bearings, needle bearings, hub unit bearings and non-standard bearings.

      About Us

      Fujian YongAn Bearing Co., Ltd.(with brand FJ) was founded in 1971,based on FuJian province,China. In 1998, it carried out asset restructuring. It is now controlled by Fujian Longxi Bearing (Group) Co., Ltd.,which is a key state-owned medium and large-sized enterprise in the machinery industry of Fujian Province,the only professional manufacturer of tapered roller bearings in FuJian province.

      Development History

      FJ Bearing was established in July 1971
      In 1997, FJ Bearing was converted into Co. Ltd.
      In 1998,after Incremental restructuring as one of shareholders of Longxi Holdings Group was listed

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      Business Honor

      In 1998, passed ISO9002 quality system certification;
      In 2003, FJ Bearing took the lead in passing ISO/TS16949 automotive supplier quality system certification in the national bearing industry ;
      In 2006 ,passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification

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      Research Ability

      Using lean production management to make continuous improvement, and the pursuit of perfection.

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      Manufacturing Ability

      Heat treatment: AiChelin protection atmosphere salt bath quenching automatic line, microstructure is reliable and stable ;Ring: high-speed grinding (>60m / s), full connection high efficiency to avoid bumps, good product consistency.

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      Inspection Equipment

      FJ Bearing relies on the Group's national laboratory and various types of testing machines of the headquarters, with strong test verification means, which can carry out DV, PV test verification of various types of bearings.

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      Testing Equipment

      FJ Bearing has a variety of high-precision testing equipment, such as Oxford Spectrometer, Zeiss Precision Coordinate Measuring Instrument, OPTON Length Measuring Instrument, Taylor Roundness Instrument and so on.

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      Fujian Yongan Bearing Co., Ltd. has a provincial engineering technology center specializing in the research and development & application of new bearing products and new technologies. The company has strong technical research and development capabilities and has more than 30 national patents, among which structural optimized long-life tapered roller bearings, High-strength and low-friction torque tapered roller bearings, Optimized design method of double-row tapered roller bearings with contact angle α of 28°48′39, The design method of tapered roller bearing with roller ball base contact on middle part of inner ring ribs and the cylindrical roller bearing with high axial load carrying capacity are invention patents.